Gray duck theater thanks our Indie GoGO 


A special 


In the late summer & early fall of 2018 Gray Duck Theater asked you, our supporters who believed in the idea of a Local Minnesota Cinema, to be part of making this idea a reality and you all rose to the occasion.

We quite literally could not have done this without you.




William Laxen

Marci Speckhard

Gail Laxen

Brian Dukerschein

Joy Heimgartner 

Matt and Kate Schuman

Megan York

Adam Copeland

Matt Mullinix

Daniel W Smith

Susan Hayes

Grace Pesch

Amanda Leightner

Cacia and Sam Speckhard

Esha Dewilde

Beth Schmidt

Sam Crynock

Mary and Dave Lates

David Stares

Emma Stares

Daniel and Lisa Pasque

Rachel Oelhafen

Grace Davenport

Sera Horse

Jim and Vicki Smith

Kitty Ryan

Sheila Terrill

Matthew Walb

Kristi Peterson

Allison Kalehoff

Anna Heitmann

Clover Twombley

Mary and Ivan Idso

Luke Sager

Rick and Jan Swanson

Tom Schotland

Quinn Jacobs

Shelley Kubitz Mahannah

Pat Egan

Kelli Lytle

Dillon McConaughey

Nate Edmondson

Brandon Gill

Garry Marta

Jonathan Balsman

E Christine Schultze

Jonathan and Kerri Ann Cruse

Haley Bice

Andrew Scheler

Kylie Osterhus

Andrew Haak

Timothy Isaiah Cho

Karen S. Nagel

LeeAnn Walb

Ross Brunner

Dee and Eric Voldal

Paul Yerhot

Torri Jordan

Alex Rinehart

Laurel Podulke-Smith

Olivia Cholewa

Andy Petzold

Mary Beth Magyar

Josiah Rutgers

Reese Imhof

Seth Lamey

John Porter

Annie Neisen

Dawn Finnie

Kirsten Lincoln

Barbara Depman

Susan Crowell

Grace Condron

Chris Miksanek

Stacy Bakkum-Hansen

Bertine Buchan

Kathryn Woodrough

Sara Hamilton

Shruti Rangnekar

Vicki Smith

Cassandra Buck

Drew and Amy Moore

Suited Brand Tailors

Alex Maia

Zach Zurn

Carpet Booth Studios

Stacey Schultz

Will Jacobsen

Rachel Meyer

Ross Ballinger

Abe Sauer

Old Abe Coffee Co.

Eric Olson

Audrey Meyer

Barbara Beck

Kari Mastin

Naren Hulsing

Cyndi Smith

Wil Santivasi

Joe Haire

Keri Ostby

Jane and John Jacobs

Calleen Antilla

Michelle Mehta

Alexis Reid

Brian Meurer

Danielle Rundquist

Ella Schornack

Jake Brown

Colleen Lange

Pete Wall

Ashley Anderson

Sameer Sharma

Mary Beth Sancomb-Moran

Cathy Nathan

Brianna McDonough

Isaac and Jessica Ferrell

DeeDee Stiepan

Christopher S Graffeo, MD

Julie Herbert

Dwell Local

Nancy Moltaji